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Vilafortuny  is charming enclave in Cambrils that has captured the hearts of many, including mine. So, needless to say it is my favorite place in this area. 

With a rich history dating back to 1152, it wasn’t until the late 60s that Vilafortuny really started to shine as one of the coolest and premium coastal spots around.

What makes Vilafortuny truly special are the typical white Mediterranean homes that used to be summer getaways. They’ve still got that old charm, giving this place a special character that I just love.

Today, Vilafortuny  is not just a summer escape, but a year-round living area. You can live here without the crazy city noise, but still, enjoy all the modern comforts you could ask for.

The Beaches .....

esther carretero real estate vilafortuny

long, sunny, sandy beaches.

Welcome to beach life in Vilafortuny – where it’s all about the sun, sand, and easy living!

There are three urban beaches rocking that artificial sand vibe:

They’re all linked up by this chill seaside promenade that takes you right into Cambrils and Salou. Imagine a 1760-meter-long, 40-meter-wide stretch of good times!

Areas and Neighborhoods in Vilafortuny

Picture this: it all began right by the coast, with these cute second homes sporting that classic Mediterranean flair. Fast forward, and now you’ve got a cozy neighborhood that stretches all the way up the hill. From just summer getaways, Vilafortuny has transformed into a year-round hotspot within Cambrils.

Living here is like hitting the jackpot of safety and comfort. It’s the kind of place where you know your neighbors, and the vibe is just easygoing. Plus, you’ve got the convenience of big-chain supermarkets within walking distance. Need something? Just take a stroll and you’re sorted – Vilafortuny’s got you covered. Living the dream, one comfortable step at a time.


Vilafortuny Beach

Down by the beach, Vilafortuny unfolds into three cool neighborhoods – Vilafortuny Beach, Cap de San Pere, and Esquirols. The first two have the  classic Mediterranean vibe with those charming white homes, giving off serious coastal vibes.

Esquirols brings a different flavor to the mix. It’s got a more laid-back vibe with low-height apartment buildings, creating a chill atmosphere perfect for those who dig a more relaxed living style. 


Vilafortuny-Mas de Clariana

Heading up towards the mountains, and there are these three spots – Vilafortuny, Mas de Clariana, and Quatre Camins.

White Mediterranean style starts to mix with white and red brick construction and Semi-detached homes join the scene.

All three spots are decked out with green areas and parks, creating pockets of nature in the midst of mountain living. It’s like having the best of both worlds – elegant homes and a touch of green paradise.


Vilafortuny - Northern Areas

Els Tallats, Els Ametllers, Mas Olive, Jardins de Vilafortuny and Mas D’en Bosch are the areas for everyday living. 

They offer community vibes with common green spaces and pools – like your own private oasis without the crazy upkeep.

And here’s the advantage, these areas are made for those who want to escape the city noise but work nearby. It’s the sweet spot between a laid-back lifestyle and staying connected. Living here is like a constant weekend vibe – picture green spaces, cool neighbors, and a pool to beat the heat whenever you feel like it.

It’s the kind of place where “home” feels like a mini vacation. What is not to love about that?


Vilafortuny offers excellent school options, both state and private. Here is a list with the main schools for this area

Castell de Siurana,1
 43850 – Cambrils 


Concerted School (Private and Government Financed)


Concerted School (Private and Government Financed)


Places of Interest

Here are some links and suggestions of my favorite places to see and visit around Vilafortuny.

Going back to the 11th century, the “castillo” adds a rich layer to the cultural landscape of Vilafortuny. Even if visitors can’t explore the interior (now it is a great venue for events and weddings), you can still explore the outside for a delightful experience.


This Theme Park is one of the best attractions for national and foreign visitors. It attracts thousands of people every year. A fascinating journey of fun and adventure for every family.


This botanical garden and offers 14 hectares of open-air whit more than 1500 species of flora and fauna.


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