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Are you looking forward to start a new life close to the beach? Are you planning to sell your home? Are  you maybe moving to my community?  If so contact me. My goal is to make you feel you are my priority and help you all the way.


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Feeling  that you are in the best hands is important, especially in real estate. My purpose is to follow through and create value so you feel you can trust your decision by giving you advice as an expert on my areas. 

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First, let’s  identify what is important for you.  My goal is to get a better understanding of your  needs, priorities, and budget,  so I  can tailor my services to meet your  unique requirements.


Feeling you are in the best hands is crucial in this process. I’ve been there and  I will make it happen!


Global reach allowing you to showcase your  property to potential buyers from all over the world. 


Fluent in 3 languages and with extensive international experience you will not feel alone.

M. Gevers (Netherlands)

Esther is so passionate and the best real estate agent in Spain. Thank you Esther! You have been a great support to us. We believe you have done more than a real estate agent needs to do.

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 I win the favor of my clients by acting like a friend would. This involves being attentive, available, and empathetic towards your  needs and concerns, and taking proactive steps to aid and guide you throughout the process.

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