How to apply for a mortgage if you are a non-resident in Spain

How to apply for a mortgage if you do not live in Spain?

Thinking about buying a home in Cambrils as a foreinger? How to apply for a mortgage if you Do not live in Spain There are more and more people interested in purchasing a home in Spain. However, many of them do not have residence in our country, either because they are foreigners or because they are Spanish citizens who have left the country to  live abroad. If are Spanish and have the Spanish...

How To Scale Up, So You Can Scale Down To Work Less & Live More

Moving to Cambrils (Spain) ... and have no idea what to expect? 5 reasons to live in Cambrils (Spain) Are you considering to move to Cambrils in Costa Dourada (Spain) but wonder what it will be like? Let me tell you my top 5 reasons why you are going to love this incredible place. is a coastal town in the province of Tarragona,...

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